Mobile units

The need to provide high quality water for drinking and industrial purposes has a large number of small settlements and industrial facilities located away from highways. They usually are no free or fixed premises suitable for the installation of water treatment.
In these circumstances, the installation can be attractive full factory readiness, mounted in transport containers. Such plants have a greater value than fixed, but allow to perform installation and adjustment in terms of assembly production with high quality, and commissioning to spend a minimum number of staff.
Often there is a need to transfer settings from one object to another. In this case, the only solution is to use a mobile container units that can be installed in places of temporary deployment of an object.
In this case such equipment can be dismantled, transported and installed at the new location by the local staff without involving teams of specialists from the company-developer.

The composition of the water treatment equipment is chosen based on source water quality and water treatment requirements of the customer station may consist of nodes located in one or more containers connected by pipelines.
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