Drilling of wells

Бурение скважинThe well, which is used for water supply, must be reliable and obtain the required amount of high-quality water. To do this, and develop individual projects for drilling. Geological and technical documentation for drilling - a multi-faceted issue, which includes a hydrogeological characteristics, environmental protection, safety at work and the special part needed for the design of the works. 

In Kiev and the Kiev region is a technology driven drilling of filter wells in Poltava, Buchatskiy and Cenomanian, Jurassic aquifer (20 m - 300 m) and the use of steel, glass-lined and plastic pipes of different diameters (100 mm-600 mm).



To drill the well requires a preliminary geological and hydrological zaproektirovanaya incision and well design. Our organization has the opportunity to use groundwater inventories of Ukraine, which makes it possible to perform high quality design and drilling operations. We carry out the drilling of water wells, depth and design of which depends on the hydrogeological, environmental and sanitary conditions of the area and the customer's specifications.

Бурение скважин

Prices for drilling: as 01.10.2012r. 
well design 
Drilling wells in one column 

  • Using d.127 pipe, steel (under 3-inch pump) -330 UAH. 
  • With the use of the pipe d. 127, enamelled (a 3-4 inch pump) -390 UAH. 
  • With the use of the pipe d. 125, PVC (for 3-4 inch pump) - 230uah. 
  • With the use of the pipe d. 140, PVC (for 3-4 inch pump) - 300uah.

Drilling wells in two column 

  • D.159 steel casing, Handbook. D.108 enamel (under the 3-inch pump) -560 UAH. 
  • D.159 steel casing, Handbook. D.108 steel (under 3-inch pump) - 510grn. 
  • D.219 steel casing, Handbook. D.127 steel - 800 UAH. 
  • D.219 steel casing, Handbook. D.127 enamel - 900 UAH.

Prices for drilling of wells are calculated individually.

The price includes installation of drilling 2 m filter, each additional meter of filter costs 500 UAH. Warranty on the performance of the well is 2 years from the date of signing reception and transmission works.

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